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What Becomes Of Snow?

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Fruits Basket is a sweet and funny romantic anime, with a great plot. This is the main storyline...

Tohru Honda is a normal girl, not very popular at school, not particularly bright, just normal. Except she lives in a tent...=_=
Her mother died very recently in a car crash, and her father died when she was very young of illness. Her grandfather let her stay for a while in his home, but he discovered his house needed renovations, so he asked Tohru if she could stay with a friend until then. She didnt, but being a very kind-hearted person, she couldnt trouble her grandfather.So she decided to live in a tent until the renovations were done.
A week later, she was walking to school, and she passed a large house. On the front porch, a small stand had a set of Juunishi animals drying out (Juunishi is a japanese term for the chinese zodiac animals). Being very interested in them from when she was little, she bent down to look at them. While she was looking at them, a man who we learn is called Shigure comes out to see her.They talk for a while, and we learn a bit about Tohru's past.
A boy walks out on to the porch, and Tohru is surprised to see that its Yuki Sohma, the most admired boy at her school!She tries to leave quickly to save the embarassment, but is then persuaded by Yuki to walk together...
At the end of the school day, She walks to her part-time job.She comes back to her tent and talks to her mother's photograph. She then goes out to wash in the stream, only to find Yuki and Shigure Sohma standing outside her tent in surprise!=_=
They invite her to the house, and inform her that she is on Sohma property, and why was she in a tent?Tohru explains her situation, and they agree to let her stay there temporarily. Shigure hears a rumble that no one else can hear, and says a landslide has fallen on Tohru's tent. She rushes out to save the photograph of her mother, but faints as she has a fever.
She is tucked up in bed with Shigure talking to her, and we learn more of her mothers death.
The next morning Tohru wakes up with her belongings back and her mothers picture beside her. Yuki shows up, and when she asks how her things got there, he just says its a secret...wierd right?He goes away to talk to Shigure and comes back to tell her that she can stay as a housekeeper if she wants until her grandfathers house is finished.At first she is reluctant because she hates causing trouble for others, but after persuasion she agrees.
When she was being shown to her room, a boy came crashing through the ceiling and challenged Yuki to a fight. This is Kyo Sohma, who has a continuous grudge towards Yuki. But as he lunges for Yuki, Tohru grabs him to stop him, and after an explosion, Kyo is gone and replaced by a cat!!whats going on? More dramatic turns of events happen, and Tohru turns Yuki into a rat, and Shigure into a dog...=_=...
Shigure explains to Tohru that the Sohma family is cursed, so that 13 members of the family each have a vengeful spirit of one of the zodiac animals. When they are hugged by somebody of the oppsite sex, they transform into the animal they are cursed with...after another explosion, they turn back to humans but....theyre naked!!=_= Shigure explains that they are always naked when they turn back again, so it gets a little inconvenient after a while!The story carries on from there...what adventures will Tohru and the Sohmas have together?What is the meaning behind their curse?

Snow becomes spring when it melts....