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What Becomes Of Snow?

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These are the characters from Fruits Basket that im aware of, if there are any you want me to add please email me! =^_^=


Tohru Honda

Tohru is a happy, cheerful and sweet 16 year old who underneath, hides her tragic past. Her mother and father are both dead, but she keeps up a happy front to avoid making others worry about her. She lives with Yuki and Shigure.


Kyoko Honda

Kyoko is Tohru's late mother. She died in a car-crash very recently, which affected Tohru badly as she was the only person Tohru had who cared for her. She was known to be wild as a teenager, and was part of a gang who cut class and and caused trouble.


Katsuya Honda

Katsuya is Tohru's father. He died when Tohru was very small. He was suffering from an illness, but he didnt tell Kyoko and Tohru to stop them from worrying about him. He lied that he was going on a business trip, and died when he went away.Kyoko became very detached from Tohru after this, and neglected her for a while before coming to her senses and promising she would never neglect Tohru again.


Akito Sohma

Akito is the head of the family. She looks like a man, but is actually a woman, as her mother forced her to grow up as a man. She is ill, like her father was before he died, perhaps because of the burden of the Sohma curse.She can anger very easily, and can easily frighten anyone who angers her.


Ayame Sohma

Ayame is Yuki's brother. They dont seem alike at all, Yuki is dark, quiet and deep, whereas Ayame is fair, flamboyant and loud. He acts kind of wierdly, and may come as a bit of a wake up call if you are meeting him for the first time..he owns a dress shop and makes clothes, but for some reason hides this as if it were a big secret.


Hatori Sohma

Hatori is another Sohma member, and has been close friends with Shigure and Ayame for many years. He is a doctor, but has very poor sight out of his left eye. He speaks with Tohru privately to advise her about the curse, so she doesnt get hurt. The reason for this is because of a story about his past, and that story is in the spoiler section.


Hatsuhara Sohma
Hatsuhara is a Sohma, with a split personality...when he is normal, he is polite, calm and quiet. But if somebody makes him lose his temper, he turns into what the Sohma's call 'Black Haru', because he is uncontrollable, crude and violent. He canot control himself when he becomes Black Haru, which makes him difficult to handle. H e calls Yuki his 'first love', but i wont put why here, check the spoilers!


Hiro Sohma
Hiro is a small boy, with a rude toungue. He hurts anyones feelings without a thought, except for Kisa, whom he holds dear as she is the only person who doesnt anger him. He gets very jealous when Tohru has Kisa following her around all the time, but soon accepts her when Kisa insists that she make her happy.


Isuzu Sohma
Isuzu isnt seen much in Fruits Basket, as she is always in hospital suffering from painful stomach ulcers. She seems annoyed by Tohru getting involved with the family, and doesnt seem to like her, but at the same time wants comfort from her. It seems Tohru touches alot of people when she meets them.^_^ Isuzu is stubborn and gets angry alot. She seems to always be trying to find information, but in vain.


Kagura Sohma
Kagura is...umm...mental. She seems alot younger than she really is, and looks cute and shy to most people. But she has a deep love for Kyo, and whenever she see's him after a long time, she goes into an uncontrollable frenzy, often showing her love by beating him up and throwing him around...and breaking Shigure's house...=_=
She gets jealous of Tohru at first because she thinks she has a rival, but soon calms down when Tohru tries to be her friend.


Kana Sohma
Kana Sohma is a distant cousin of Hatori Sohma, and becomes his assistant in his office. She didnt know about the Juunishi curse as she is a distant relative and was not cursed. She has been involved with Hatori in the past. (see spoilers!)


Kazuma Sohma
Kazuma is a Sohma, but not a cursed member. His grandfather was born in the year of the cat, so he has particular understanding for Kyo's situation within the family. Kazuma insulted his grandfather about his cat status in the family, and has felt genuinely sorry and guilty ever since. Training Kyo seems to be his way of apologizing to his grandfather.He is a dojo master, and trained Kyo from a young age. Kazuma acts as a father figure for Kyo.


Kisa Sohma
Kisa is a quiet girl, who never speaks, who in fact, cannot speak. She was teased and alienated from the playground at school, until she became too afraid to speak. She meets Tohru while running away from home, and, with her help learns to speak again. After this episode she followed Tohru everywhere, and loved her so much that she called her 'sister'.


Kureno Sohma
Kureno..he's a bit of a mystery really, as he is rarely seen outside. He takes care of Akito for Hatori while he cannot see him. He first makes an appearance when he meets Arisa and goes on a date with her. He doesnt seem like a bad person, because he helped her when she snuck into Sohma house.


Kyo Sohma
Ohhhh at last we get to my love!!How could you not love Kyo?!...=_=ahem..anyway...
Kyo is hot...ummm i mean hot tempered..and shouts at everyone, even Tohru at first. He was born in the year of the cat, but is shunned by the other Sohma members because of this.(ohhh my poor Kyo..!)He is set on defeating Yuki at anything and everything, even at ping-pong...=_=...(oh he is so sweet!)He plays a huge part in the story, for more information, see spoilers!(by the way, i love you, Kyo!!)


Momiji Sohma
Aww, we come to the second sweetest character (obviuosly Kyo comes first!) from Fruits Basket. Momiji is very much like Tohru, he has a tragic past that he covers up with an unstoppable amount of happiness and energy. He loves Tohru, and is eager to spend more time with her. He seems to be a girl at first by the way he dresses.He is especially annoying to Kyo, who hates it whenever Momiji opens his mouth!!(awwww)For more details on Momiji, you know where to go, ive said it enough times...


Ritsu Sohma
Ritsu fact not a woman!!He is a cross-dressing man who is very insecure. This is perhaps because his parents disliked his cross-dressing intensely and apologised much too often for him to other people.Ritsu seems to have adopted this trait, as he has been made to feel so ashmed that he now feels everything that goes wrong is his fault, and over-apologises for everything.


Shigure Sohma
Well, when i think of Shigure i think of....perverts...hehe..but Shigure is in fact not really a pervert, he just likes to disgust other people with his pervy jokes and comments. He is an author who loves to irritate his editor to the point where she cries with exhaustion(eh...hehe...)read know.


Yuki Sohma
And before you say Yuki is NOT a girl....(we are getting alot of this whole cross-genderness here arent we?)
Yuki is a very quiet, deep boy who is very nice and approachable, but pushes people away when they try to get close.He is admired by everyone(even the guys, i mean eveyone, seriously...)and they all call him 'Prince Yuki'. He gets annoyed when Kyo is around, probably because Kyo challenges him to a fight every day...He changes his veiws when he meets Tohru, and genuinely cherishes her love and friendship. It seems as though he loves her, but he thinks of her as more of a mother figure as he was abandoned by his when he was born.


Ren Sohma
Ren is Akito's mother. She wished for Akito to be raised as a man, as she would become head of the family after her father dies(i think its to do with tradition that males are the head of the family). I wont reveal anything more here, you know where to find the rest by now, surely?

Akira Sohma
(Sorry, i couldnt get hold of a picture...!)
Akira is Akito's father, who died of an illness similar to Akito's constant sickly state. He was the head of the household before her. He met Ren when he was being attended to in his ill state, and she saw him for who he was inside, and they fell in love. The got married, and had Akito. He died, leaving all his powers to Akito.


Arisa Uotani
Arisa is one of Tohru's best friends. Tohru accepted her even though she was in a gang and became her friend. Tohru's mother Kyoko became very close to her because she used to be in a gang, and convinced Arisa to quit the gang and look to something worthwhile. When Arisa tried to leave, the leader started beating her up, but Kyoko saved her. She had befriended Kyoko and Tohru ever since. Ever since Kyoko's death, she has become very loyal and protective over Tohru.

Snow becomes spring when it melts....