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What Becomes Of Snow?

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The spoilers on this page are based on information from other sites and people ive talked to. If my information is wrong, or you have any questions, feel free to send me an email about it=^_^=

The Sohma curse
The Sohma curse is a strange one. Whenever a cursed family member is hugged by someone of the opposite sex, the transform into the zodiac animal of the year they were born into. If anyone outside the family finds out, Akito has the power to have their memories erased so the secret is kept safe.
The curse of this unfortunate family is actually darker than it seems on the outside. As well as transforming into another animal when they are hugged by someone of the opposite sex, they have an unbreakable bond with Akito. She has no zodiac animal, and it is rumored that she is in fact the God of the family as she is head of the Sohma estate. This means that even if the cursed members dislike her and want to leave, their vengeful animal spirit takes over and makes them stay. This scars them deeper, because this would mean they cannot have a relationship with anyone outside the family for fear of them finding out and having their memories erased. They also have a problem when they are born, because when the mother hugs her baby for the first time and it changes, she may either reject it and abandon it, or love it but be over-protective of the child. This can cause an awful lot of stress and emotional breakdown for the Sohma's.
The title "Fruits Basket"
Odd title isn't it? But not so wierd once you see episode 5 of the anime. Tohru played a game with the other children when she was little, caled 'fruits basket'. Everyone else was given the name of a fruit, and when their fruit was called, they could come and play. But a mean boy gave Tohru the name 'onigiri' which isnt a fruit, its a rice ball. They never called her name, and she felt sad and out of the group. When she had to go back to her grandfathers house, she said that the Sohma's were a fruits basket, and she was the riceball again.She sadly thinks to herself "How could she think that a riceball belonged in a fruits basket?" But near the end of the episode, she tells her grandfather how she misses the Sohma's, and little does she know that Yuki and Kyo have let themselves in and are listening to her every word!!They tell her that they want her to come back again, and Kyo grabs her hand and drags her home. You then see a little flashback of Tohru as a child, and somebody finally calls "Onigiri!" and you see her finally join the group at last.
Kyo's Transformation
When you only watch the anime and dont read the manga, this can be confusing. I know it confused me!!So i'll try and feed your curiosity, okay?=^_^=
There is a dark meaning behind the story of the Juunishi. Because the cat is not accepted into the zodiac, he has a vengeful spirit that is nastier than the others. You may have noticed that Kyo always wears black and white beads around his wrist, right?Well, if he didnt wear these beads, a horrible transformation would overcome him. He would turn into an ugly monster and be violent and uncontrollable. These beads are called Juzu beads, and they are made with the bones and blood of a sacrificed human being. These must stay on his wrist or he will transform. Because of this, it must conclude that they were not born human. This would cause great panic and stress for the mother...
Because this true form causes great fear and anxiety for anyone who is cursed by it, they must be accepted by somebody outside the family to help them stop fearing themselves.Tohru saw him in his true form when his beads were removed as a test, and she accepted him even though he hurt her and threatened her if she went near him. She told him she wanted to stay with him no matter what, and this acceptance helped Kyo confront his fears so well that he was able to turn back to normal without the beads temporarily.
The End of Fruits Basket
As you know, Akito is the head of the family, and the God. She is very bitter about this because she was forced to bear the burden of the curse when she was growing up. She hates the family because of this, and suffers greatly of illness because of the burden she is forced to bear.
Now, the ending is really odd, and doesnt exactly make sense...
After the trouble with Kyo's transformation, Tohru wishes to go and see Akito. During the conversation they have, she gets really angry and throws her arounds by her hair, shouting that she never wanted this burden, and that the family would all be happy when she is dead. Tohru is frightened, but tells her that she will be missed, no matter what she feels. It ends here...but i dont really understand why it ended that way!!=_= im going to read the manga so that i can get a better ending hee hee!!

Snow becomes spring when it melts....